Thursday, March 22

Finally a finished somethin' to show y'all

I know, this pillow is super sweet...almost too cutesy. But I don't care. :-) Soon I will have my own sewing room and it can live down there if it's deemed to cute for the main area of the house. Although, (maybe I should be ashamed to admit this) it does coordinate quite well with my super girlie bedroom.

I can't really say where the sweetie mice came from since I didn't acquire that image completely ethically. I convinced myself it would all be ok since I have no intentions of selling it. I just had to have it for me. And let's just say that any image is fair game when you have one of these.

The strip of flowers along the bottom came from my brain. And the bluebirds and vines along the top came from a BareRoots booklet.

I used the same blue gingham for the back that I used for the ruffle. And I added the smidgiest bit of color to the mice embroidery with prismacolor pencils. I colored on a scrap of fabric and lightly smudged a bit of color onto the pillow. It all started with some rosy cheeks and then I found that I couldn't stop.

It seems the pillow has already found a home amongst a grouping of Annies and cheery spring things. (sorry about the flash...a photographer I'm not)

On another note, Miss Vicki over there at TurkeyFeathers (link in sidebar) has inspired me with her A-Z quiche adventure. I haven't made quiche in forever. And I'm thinking I have the deepest pie pans ever because every recipe I found called for 3-4 eggs. I ended up using 14 eggs between the 2 quiches. And there's plenty of other stuff in there too: brocolli, shredded zucchini and carrots, onion, bacon, and monterey jack cheese. Everyone "ewwwed" them based on looks alone. But once they tasted everyone declared quiche their new favorite food. Which is good because there's lots left over!


Melissa R. Garrett said...

The quiche looks MOST excellent!

I love your dollies! You do such a fantastic job in making them. And that pillow is super cute! Great job!!

Lisa said...

Those look yummy. I love quiche but dh claims he is hungry 5 minutes after he eats and my son doesn't like eggs (or cheese-weird kid!). that pillow is too cute!

Felicia said...

Yep, its cute and sweet but I like it. It turned out fabulous!

Gypsy Purple said...

You have such lovely things on your blog!!

Bettsi said...

Goodness, those mousies are so cute! I love wee little mousies and I love to say "wee little mousies." And the quiche look so YUMMY!

Cibele said...

Hi! I thought your blog very interesting. You are very talented. I really liked that mice cushion. I was wondering: Could you please give me that pattern?