Monday, July 24

The Narnians have landed

The Narnia order is finished!! I definitely stood at the edge of my comfort zone on a few of these. I'm always a bit anxious when I have to create a new pattern and this order required a lot of pattern designing. And the scale of some of the animals (beavers, fox, wolf) is smaller than I usually do, so a bit of challenge there too. All in all, I'm pleased. I hope they're thoroughly enjoyed at their new home!


Anonymous said...

I'm amazed Danielle, I shouldn't be because your stuff is always awesome, but that set is just stunning! I hope k's kiddos love that set!


joyce said...

omg! i want a narnia set for me! they're awesome dannielle!

Tiarnna said...

Those are so neat! We just rented that movie the other day and the boys have watched everyday since. LOL

Michelle said...

Hi Danielle,
Your Narnians are fantastic! I've just started out making bendies and felt animals. Can you post a tute on how to attach the hair, particularly on horses please?