Wednesday, July 12

and so it begins...

I'm unsure if blogging is for me but I'll give it a try :) I find I've too many message boards to visit and I have less and less time to spend visiting.

Over the next few years I plan to turn my little business as well as my yet to be opened business into more of a career than a hobby. I'm pretty much clueless how I'm going to do this. But, as I think on it I find myself coming up with ideas that seem potentially useful. And then I forget them.

So the plan is to document these ideas as they come up. Maybe get some feedback from those who've been there.

I also want to have a record of my personal artsy-craftsy projects. I love having photo galleries of the things I've created for Natural Playthings over the past few years. So, I'm hoping keeping a blog will give me the same sort of "big picture" overview as I attempt to grow.

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tender arts said...

Hi Danielle, Me again! I think your designs are all wonderful! I've visited both of your other websites and you have some really beautiful things. I wish you much success in your endeavors.