Monday, August 20

a quickie progress report

Just passing through to say I'm 2/3 of the way done with this top. Saving the other third for Tara, who likes piecing. Piecing isn't my favorite part so I tend to try to finish it up quickly so I can get to quilting. But I'm restraining myself for Tara's sake. I don't want to hog up every group project. :-)


Jessica said...

It's so pretty... nice blog... I love all the quilts!! Can't wait to see it when it's completed!

Sabine said...

Beautiful...and fast! I'm afraid I am a bit snobbish, as I'm always handpiecing my blocks together.
I'll have to try a doll quilt on my sewing machine, only problem: sewing on a machine makes me nervous!
Do you quilt on a machine also? I tried that once and it ended up all wobbly and ugly... There has to be something I am doing wrong.

Dannielle said...

I only piece with the machine. Much faster and the machine stitching is probably stronger than my hand stitching.

I do the quilting by hand. I'm afraid to try quilting on the machine for that very reason...I'm afraid of messing up the back.

The Calico Cat said...

Neat quilt - I love how it is so wonky!

Mrs. U said...

First of all, you are sooooooooo talented!!!! What a gift!!!

Second, I am SO happy for you and your weight loss!! It is HARD to lose weight!! Is there somewhere on your blog that I can read about how you are doing it?

Mrs. U

Helen said...

This looks great! I recognize a few of the same fabrics from my own stash!

Tami said...

Oh that's turning out to be such a sweet charm quilt top. :-)

Becka said...

i love it.

dorie said...

I really like how this is coming together!

Anonymous said...

Hello again! I recently had time to read through your whole blog...and I enjoyed it all.

After seeing your EFA dolls (and your friend's at Tender Arts blog), I purchased a used, very good condition of EFA's book DTMFFAP from Amazon. It arrived today and I was tickled pink. I'm so excited to make one! A question - do you make your doll bodies from muslin?

Thanks also for the pfd's of your sweet of you.

Btw - I love my new yo-yo makers too. They are so wonderful for perfect, uniform, and quick yo-yos.

Dana :)