Saturday, August 11

Stitched With Love

Yesterday my friends, Tara (holding baby) and Gwen (with a pacifier in her mouth), came over to help with the quilting. Doesn't matter to me that they have little babies to tend to. I still put them to work. ;-)

Gwen has no previous quiltmaking experience, but I think she may have caught the bug. Too bad her first quilting experience had to be introduced by such a rule breaker...she's ruined from the start! Tara has worked on quilt tops/blocks (gorgeous work, I might add!!) but hasn't gotten to the quilting phase on them yet. They both did a great job! :-D

The strawberry quilt is finished. Once we get the Wild Things quilt finished (we're getting together with the family whose baby is the intended recipient on Wednesday so we're on a mission to get it finished by then!) I'll draw up the pattern and write up the instructions for everyone.

Here's the back. Because you know I love the backs of quilts. The quilting lines are 1" apart. And I stitched a rod pocket along the top edge so it can be hung as well as used on a table.

This is Isabelle's guinea pig, Cookie. She had a rough morning. Her heart was beating erratically over a couple hour's time. But it seems to have normalized. She's one of our older pigs. Isabelle is such a good piggie-momma and she's been so upset. This side of having pets never gets any easier, does it?


hunnybunny said...

The quilts are wonderful, I think it's so sweet that there is a group of people working on the Wild Things quilt. I'll be sending positive vibes Cookies way, it's so hard on the family when your pets are sick, seeing that they are furry members themselves.

Val said...

That quilt is AMAZING! I am totally impressed Danielle... I mean, wow. I actually made my dh come over and look at it, and he couldn't care less about this stuff! LOL! You are VERY talented.


Val said...

PS I hope you don't mind but I added you to my friends blog list so I could check you out more regularly. :)

Stephanie said...

I agree with Val, it is awesome!

norththreads said...

Hi Dannille! Sorry its been so long!!! What a blast doing a girlfriend stitch & bitcch. How fun, your quilts have all been looking gorgeous.I dont know how you get all this stuff done!!!!!