Monday, October 29

While I'm at it...

Since I just shared my pattern for the little dolls I used to make garlands (though they'd be cute just as a doll...or as an ornament), I thought I'd also share my templates for hearts and stars. They too would make great Christmas ornaments as well as garlands. Click here to download the patterns.


(By the way, I have plans to write up and share the pattern and instructions for house needlebooks soon!)


Storybook Woods said...

Dannielle, you are such a sweetie. Thank you soo much for the pattern. I love the garlands you made. I can not wait for the little houses !!!
xoxoxox Clarice

aleinung said...

Thhhaaannnkkk you :-)))) more pattern - thats very nice. next week I will start with sewing for christmas.

greetings form an wet germany ;-)


Niki said...

Thank you so much for this freebie Dannielle!

schoenefarben said...

Thanks for the pattern. I love your annies.