Wednesday, October 24

A sneak peek!


Two Annies, nearly finished. I'm working on their clothing and finishing touches (leg stripes, shoes) today.

One is for a trade. The other is for me. They are for hanging on the front door...a seasonal decoration. Their clothing will be removable so it can be changed for different seasons and holidays. Their first outfits will be Pilgrim-inspired.

And since they're twins I can easily make new outfits for the doll who will be living in Virginia. Her sister can try them all on to make sure they'll fit.

They're going to be angels for Christmas. :-)

My crafting time has felt limited, again, lately. I've been spending so much time in the kitchen. Of course, that feels *right* this time of year.


Bread. Bread. Bread. Lots of bread. I don't think I've bought a loaf of bread in over a month. I've been enjoying it so much that I may never buy bread again!


I've also been making a LOT of soups. And the other night I made this (successful) pizza experiment. It has a whole wheat crust with some flax meal added. The "sauce" is butternut squash, sundried tomatoes, and garlic. It's topped with sauteed onion, turnip greens, and mustard greens. And then there's (not enough, according to my children) mozzarella cheese.

Amazingly, no one complained. I thought for sure it looked too healthy. And too *different*. But they all loved it.


Knot Garden said...

Loving the look of your Annies, I've been making dolls myself but mine have got rag hair. The pizza looks yummy!

Lisa said...

Those Annie's look great. I bake almost all of our bread and rolls, I love it!! That pizza looks yummo! I love pretty much any and all vegetables. Fruit on the other hand blech!!

Bettsi McComb said...

What cute lil Annies! I love the idea for a seasonal doll- I might have to make myself an EFA that can do that! And your pizza looks great-my 14 yr. old is watching over my shoulder (instead of doing homework!) and thought your pizza looked delicious!

aleinung said...

wwwooowww, your annies look great and your pizza - hmmmmmmmm.

adam said...
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(Angie) Norththreads: said...

Adorable dollies! I love that pizza! Is that a yeast dough crust? Looks wonderful, very creative!

LBP said...

What cute Annies! I made a primitive doll for Christmas. No where close to as cute as yours.

Your bread and pizza looks delicious. Unfortunately, bread is my weakness. I would choose it over cake!



Charlene said...

Can you give me an idea how you made this pizza? It looks great!

Ginger said...

it looks awesome! The pizza and the dolls that is!!! I am so glad I found your blog! I love the clothing you send me by the way, they fit PERFECT!
Also, I used to be on Amity Mama... User name there is the same as PH!

Journeying said...

Everything looks great, as always. Is the top part of the girls' legs stuffed? Can't tell....looks like they have definite knees....?'ve shared several recipes - if you have an easy and idiot-proof or at least idiot-friendly recipe for bread to share, it would be nice (hint, hint)
As always, keep up the good work!

Jenny said...

That pizza looks fantastic. The Annie twins are lovely.

hunnybunny said...

Your dolls are so cute. The bread looks great, and the pizza divine. I think fall is so motivating. It's finally cooled off here and I find myself getting so much more done. Looks like you have too, not that you're ever not busy.

Jasmine's Journey said...

The pizza looks good.

pussman said...

I enjoy making bread to, but the children hate it, because then they have to cut it themselves and otherwise the baker does it with the machine.
keep on baking:)