Sunday, June 24


Summer is seriously getting in the way of my crafting.


How can I complain though, with kids this cute?


I have, however, managed to get a few pretty necklaces finished and listed in my Etsy shop.

And a few more reminders of summer for those in the southern hemisphere.


These pictures were all taken in my backyard, where landscaping is, obviously, not a high priority.



Jenny said...

Thanks for a little blast of summer. Can I take it that your back yard is a bit dry then?

Lisa said...

I love your pics, just great!! My yard is full of mole hills, weeds, brown grass. I just don't know how to keep up on it (dh does not consider landscaping a priority at all) I keep planting flowers though. Summer is getting in the way of my crafting as well. Not much accomplished!

~Daisy~ said...

I know what you mean about summer cutting in to craft time! I can't seem to get in gear......too much 'stuff' going on. Another reason I love fall so much.

Sabine said...

At least you are having a summer, here it is cold, rainy, damp... I hate it when the summer doesn't show up in time!

Renee said...

Oh Dannielle, that pool looks heavenly! I've missed checking in here, I love your blog so much. We've been working outside (and playing!) so much that I've been really cutting back on the computer time since spring hit.

Dawn D. Lion said...

great pics!

Katie said...

Hey! We just got a pool too. Summer has gotten in the way of my crafting time too...all I do now is wash towels. lol.